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Revolutionizing Shared Services Delivery through Globalization, Innovation, and Collaboration 

Global Business Services Organizations have far surpassed their well-known objective of providing cost-reduction benefits to also providing value and strategic support, thus exceeding business expectations. According to KPMG’s 2014 international survey, “Within the next 3 years, most global companies are expected to take up the massive project of centralizing their shared services and outsourcing operations within a single global business services (GBS) organization.”

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Truly GBS?

While this may be a priority to hundreds of organizations globally, currently, in practice, there are only 75-100 companies who can truly be called a Global Business Services Organization, and can claim they are:


Multifunctional (i.e. F&A HR IT, etc.)


Global (Multi-regional)


Focused on SERVICE

Most shared services executives will say that GBS is the ideal they strive for, but the execution is fraught with challenges. From lacking executive, business unit or functional buy-in to standardizing global processes and practices, it is a long and difficult journey, but one that many organizations are willing to undertake. But the rewards can be revolutionary to a company.

A proficient GBS organization can lead to:


Global standardization across processes and functions leading to cost and operational efficiencies


Agility and scalability to better respond to constantly changing economic conditions


An increased opportunity for analytics to achieve true business insights that are at the heart of what SSOs now want to deliver

Whether you are an executive from a company looking to get to the next level in their GBS organizations or are currently making the jump from global SSO to GBS, the Global Business Services Executive Roundtable, July 27-28th in Chicago, is for you.

Hear first hand through a mixture of case studies and deep dive discussions how GBS organizations are moving up the value chain and improving their service delivery and quality of service. You won't want to miss this exclusive event!

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