27-28 July, 2016
The Warwick Allerton Hotel, Chicago, IL

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GBS Executive Roundtable - Official Agenda

Hear first hand through a mixture of case studies and interactive discussions how GBS organizations are moving up the value chain and improving their service delivery and quality of service. Whether you are an executive from a company looking to get to the next level in their GBS organ ...

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The Gospel of GBS: Evolution, Not Revolution

Over the last 20 years, you have explored offshoring, experimented with hybrid models using both shared services and outsourcing, and taken advantage of steadily improving ERP systems. None of them quite provide what you need: a multifunctional, fully integrated, end-to-end process oriented and can ...

Current Attendee Snapshot

We are expecting a large and experienced turnout at the 2nd GBS Executive Roundtable. Find out which of your peers will join us on the show floor in Chicago this July.

Do you have what it takes to run a GBS?

Do you have what it takes to run a GBS? Here are 5 key traits a successful GBS leader should encompass. Do you have what it takes? Find out now!

3 Steps to Digitalize Your GBS Operations for 2017

You’ve been pushing digitalization off until ‘next year’ since 2010. This year is that ‘next year’. Next year, your peers will have moved on. In advance of the GBS Executive Roundtable, we have put together a simple guide to make sure you don’t defer again.

GBS Executive Roundtable 2016 - Registration Form

Speed up your attendance! Fill out the registration form and email back to us at enquiryiqpc@iqpc.com.

Past Attendee Snapshot

CFOs, VPs of Global Business Services, and Directors of Finance representing top industry brands are already signing up to join us at the summit. Take a look at last year's attendee list and let us know if you would like to join these professionals.

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Modern-day GBS Leader?

As shared services organizations around the world target "global business services" to leverage their expertise and capability for the greater good, they need to take a good look at their own management first, to find out whether they have the skills they need to deliver on GBS's promise. We have i ...

Ten Fundamental Dimensions of GBS

The implementation of a GBS strategy begins with an independent assessment of the pharmaceutical company’s maturity along 10 dimensions that encompass the organization’s operating model. All of these dimensions need to be evaluated from different vantage points to be assessed for their maturity leve ...

Convince Your Boss Letter

Present your boss with this customizable letter detailing the reasons why you should attend the Global Business Services Executive Roundtable this July in Chicago and you'll be sure to receive permission to join us.

Five Levels of GBS Maturity

Each of the 10 dimensions, discussed in the piece 'The Ten Fundamental Dimensions of GBS', must be analyzed to assess their level of maturity along a spectrum from basic to advanced. The higher the level of maturity, the greater the company’s ability to deliver business services in a seamless, globa ...

Top 4 Must-Haves of a GBS Organization

How do you know if your organization is actually implementing GBS as it is defined? Take a look at this infographic, and see if your company can identify itself as a true GBS operation.

5 GBS Questions: Speaker Interviews

We asked some of our key note speakers 5 important GBS questions, see what they said in this new infographic!

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On-Site Agenda

Take a look at the updated on-site agenda here and make sure to grab a copy at the registration desk upon your arrival.

What Can GBS Do for Your Enterprise?

The concept of Global Business Services has been around since the turn of the Millennium, and global brands like Proctor & Gamble, Unilever and Coca-Cola have already pioneered its development as the natural next step in their Shared Services journeys. As many of today's advanced Shared Services models incorporate "Asia"...

3 Tips from P&G: How to Keep Improvements Coming in Global Business Services

P&G and LaFarge pooled their combined ideas in a networking session to get to the bottom of how to keep improvements coming within a GBS, while encouraging transformation. A complicated topic – but Adnan Behmen, GBS Leader for Central Europe, boils it down to three steps. Watch the interview for...

Global Business Services Goes Digital

KPMG Management Consulting sponsored and facilitated a Global Business Services (GBS) track which ran over two days at SSON's 2015 North American Shared Services and Outsourcing Week conference. The discussion was summarized graphically and is shared here.

McGraw Hill: Taking Our GBS Organization to the Next Step

Tom Hallett, Vice President of Global Business Services provides a brief history of McGraw Hill Financial's move from Transition to Transformation in four steps: ERP Implementation, Outsourcing and OP Model Standup, GBS and CPI & Transformation.

Global Business Services: Beyond the Hybrid Model

The main attraction of GBS is the benefits it generates beyond cost savings, including agility, flexibility, and the ability to anticipate and quickly respond to internal/external changes. A couple of key components make GBS different from traditional sourcing models are...

So You Think You Want to be Global?

The world of global shared services is vast, varied and littered with different definitions of what is a “global shared services”. Is global having one location for the world that does all the work? Or does it mean that globally your processes are the same? What does global shared services...

Five Key Benefits of GBS

GBS was pioneered in other industries and the pharmaceutical sector is coming somewhat later to the realization that there are considerable benefits to be derived from it. Among the main benefits of a GBS organization are... Courtesy of KMPG

What's your GBS?

A majority of leaders purport that their models fall into the GBS bucket—whether they consist of one function, one center, a singular outsourcing relationship or something more global and multi-functional. What really is a GBS? What caused us to put GBS on the business services agenda? And where is it...

Exploding Some of the Myths Around Global Business Services

If there is a single acronym that is causing the most excitement for Shared Services today, whether you are ready for it or not, it is GBS. As for every evolving strategy, however, the term is full of conflicting implications. To shed some light on what is really going on,...

GBS Lacking in Integrated IT Services and Governance [Report]

KPMG's “pulse survey” report interprets market conditions for shared servers outsourcing practitioners. Integration ranks highly, as practitioners acknowledge that improving the underlying capability of IT is key to successful global business services. The report confirms that global business services are being driven increasingly by the need to deliver meaningful and...