27-28 July, 2016
The Warwick Allerton Hotel, Chicago, IL

Marcia Moran

VP - Global Finance Business Services

11:45 How to Remain Strategic in a Growing Company

CASE STUDY: GBS organizations should take strategic actions to cope with fundamental changes in the industry. One of the pertinent questions asked by industry leaders interested in a Global Business Services organization is how to remain tactical in this growing economy and refrain from making past mistakes in the future. In this case study, hear about one company’s journey as they envision the future of the organization, how they translated this vision into well-defined goals and objectives, and systematically implemented strategies to achieve these goals and objectives.

This session will:
  • Identify some of the common roadblocks to success encountered while operating a GBS organization such as establishing a shared vision among employees, keeping abreast with regulatory compliance across regions, building relationships with consumers and stakeholders on a global level, and tailoring the company’s business to meet the local needs while keeping in line with the global process
  • Discuss strategies to employ in successfully managing and keeping up with the changing nature of a GBS organization, this includes increasing efficiency by streamlining business operations through automation and systems integration, improving staff collaboration and productivity by building a relationship with employees, and conducting regular risk management assessments

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